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Manual Therapy:

Manual therapy is also known as manipulative therapy, a physical treatment primarily used by physical therapists and physiotherapists. To treat musculoskeletal pain and disabilities, including kneading, manipulating muscles, and joint mobilization.

Nerve Mobilization:

Strive to restore the dynamic balance of the neural tissues, which reduces pressure on the neural tissues. Therefore, promoting growth in function.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

HIIT includes an all-in effort within the workout. This training keeps up your heart rate and burns fat tissue. High-intensity interval training should be followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.

Balance and Low-Impact Resistance Training:

Examples of resistance training. Free weights, medicine balls, weight machines, resistance bands, and suspension equipment. Also, your body weight.

Patient Education on Pain and Therapeutic Exercise:

Strive to educate patients about their injuries. Help them gain their endurance back as much as possible to support their current injuries and preventing new ones by providing Therapeutic exercises, such as physical activities that focus on restoring and maintaining strength, endurance, flexibility, stability, and balance. This process allows the patient to return pain-free to sports/daily activities.

HIPAA Compliant: Employees keep Patient Records Confidential.

Gym Membership : GALLUP CLINIC


With your gym membership, you get to work with our trainers, who will create specially designed programs that may tailor to reach your goals and needs.

$75 one person

$60 for two people

$55 family or group

Speed Training : GALLUP CLINIC

Speed training is an eight-week program. During the process, it can reach a high velocity of movement in whatever mode of locomotion.

$350 one person

$300 for two or more

*Alignments and gym memberships are not a replacement for Physical Therapy. Physical Therapists and personal trainers will need to determine if alignment will be sufficient or if physical therapy is necessary.